William Barret Travis' “Victory or Death” letter.

Happy Texas Independence Day.

Whether you’re celebrating with a breakfast of barbeque and Dr. Pepper, or are new to the Lone Star State, today is a great occasion for a refresher in Texas history - and to remember the Alamo!

Jason W. Dean, Director of Special Collections and Archives at Southwestern, shares a Texas treasure on his blog today.

You can listen to a historic audio recording of Senator John G. Tower, SU ’48, reading William Barrett Travis’ last letter from the Alamo. The 1964 recording “has the right cadence, and the right accent, to sound “Texan,” but not be difficult to understand,” says Dean. “It is also appropriately serious, conveying the urgency of Travis’ letter.”

So grab a pint of Blue Bell and take a couple short minutes to listen to this wonderful reading of an important piece of Texas History.

Read the full article on the Special Collections blog.