For most college students, interior design means a cork board, butterfly chairs, and a poster held ups with unreliable sticky tack. The three students living in these Southwestern University residence halls went above and beyond to decorate their homes away from home. Even if your college days are behind you, these photos will leave you nostalgic for roommates and Easy Mac.

Boho Chic

When decorating her room, Vanessa Saldivar, class of 2021, had two thoughts: 1) “I want to incorporate my favorite color, yellow,” and 2) “I want to create a relaxing home away from home I can retreat to after a long day of classes and studying.” Vanessa accomplished both of these goals with her boho chic residence hall.

Vanessa, a Rio Grande City, Texas native, also wanted to incorporate her family into her room. She loves the penguin on her desk “because my family calls me ‘pinguinita’ which means ‘little penguin’ in Spanish and it acts as a constant reminder of them.” Her room is also decorated with photos of family and friends. Vanessa says they remind her “that people back home love me and believe I will succeed.”

Disney Dream

Olivia Montreuil, class of 2020, describes her room as colorful and happy. The room is adorned with blues and oranges and extra fluffy bedding, including a large golden retriever pillow that reminds her of her family dog back home.

But Olivia’s room is so much for than colorful and happy, it is truly your Disney Dream! Throughout her room hangs posters of all your favorite Disney characters, a Disneyland Park Entrance tapestry and even a Disney Princess award.

“I love all things Disney, especially Disneyland,” Olivia said. “I grew up in the Southern California area and my family and I frequently visit Disney on vacation. I also really want to do the Disney College Program where I would either work at Disneyland or Disney World for a semester!”

Zippy Chevron

Henna Karedia’s, class of 2019, blue chevron matches her upbeat, fun personality.

“I liked the color blue, so I decided to find decor that would go with that color scheme,” Henna said.

Henna said her favorite decor feature, her gray curtains, give “a very personal touch and make my room feel more balanced.” They match the chevron found throughout her room, but their gray color also gives a calming effect.

Henna also added a pop of color to the room by utilizes washing tape to hang photos on her walls. The pictures, featuring her family and friends back home, add a personal touch that truly makes her residence hall a home away from home.  

Resident Life at Southwestern

Approximately 72% of Southwestern students live on campus. Although, only first-years and sophomores are required to live on campus, many juniors and seniors choose to stay as well. With varied living options—from traditional residence halls to apartments, both single gender and co-ed, throughout campus—and a central dining location, Southwestern offers a unique residential academic community to its students.

For more information on Southwestern Residence Life, visit their website.

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