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    King Creativity Place Holder

Play with Pirates will be a student run volunteer based program that will provide instruction to special needs children in different physical and recreational activities. For many individuals that deal with any type of physical, or cognitive disability it is often difficult to participate in typical sports or team environments. However, the practice of play, and body movement, as well as interaction with peers is incredibly vital to childhood development. This project is the start up of the first program within Play with Pirates: a 6-week swim program that focuses on comfort in the water, water safety skills, and the basics of swimming. Curriculum may involve safe pool entry and exit, blowing bubbles, holding breath/submersion, floating, and basic freestyle and backstroke techniques.  Each participant will receive personalized assistance and attention in their acquisition of skills, with an emphasis on monitoring progress.

Play with Pirates would be forging a new Southwestern- Georgetown community relationship with a population that is typically underserved. This swim program could be the first stepping stone in the creation of an organization that promotes awareness of disabilities, educates the public and Southwestern students on promoting inclusivity and normalizing adaptive tendencies, and forges a Southwestern based brand that spans across multiple sports and disciplines.