• Currency Miner
    Currency Miner

Over the last few months and years, an emerging new technology, called blockchain, has become more and more widespread. Through something called cryptocurrencies, this technology promises to help establish a new financial infrastructure, creating a new found level of trust between users. In doing this, it will lessen the need for middlemen such as banks and financial institutions.


For our King Creativity project, we have broken it into two parts. For the first part we have constructed a cryptocurrency miner. This is a specialized computer that is connected to a network of peers for the purpose of verifying transactions between users. In exchange for verifying transactions, the owners of these miners are rewarded with small transaction fees. The funds our cryptocurrency miner collects from  these transaction fees will  be donated to a charity. Additionally, With the presence of a cryptocurrency miner on campus, our hope is to raise awareness about this emerging technology and to inform more people about its possibilities.


For the second part of our project, we are building a proof of concept electronic voting system built on the blockchain. Our voting system will utilize the blockchain in order to transmit votes, similar to how blockchain is used with cryptocurrencies to transfer money. Hopefully through this proof of concept, we can demonstrate the possibilities of blockchain, and how its usefulness can extend into all sorts of new and exciting applications.