You’re almost there! Soon it will be time to head home for winter break. Sleep in, hang with friends, eat home-cooked meals, and enjoy your family’s unique holiday traditions.

You are oh so close. There is just one minor detail standing in your way: Finals week.

Whether you love finals week (crazily enough, those people do exist) or dread it every semester, it’s here. The good news is there are steps you can take to not only survive the week, but improve your performance and maintain your sanity.  

To help, here are 6 Tips for Surviving Finals Week:

1) Get plenty of sleep

I know, I know, I can almost hear you laughing. But sleep is crucial to retaining information and performing well on tests. Your brain and body won’t function well on zero sleep. And it’s hard to recover and continue studying for tests later in the week after pulling an all-nighter. So get some sleep. Just make sure to set your alarm.

2) Eat healthy

Nutrition is probably the last thing on your mind at this point, but it’s important to eat healthy – or at least “semi-healthy” (it’s all relative) during this time. Opt for protein that will keep you functioning longer, or snack on fruits and veggies rather than hitting the vending machine for candy or carbs that will lead to sugar crash.

3) Pace Yourself &  Take Frequent Breaks

Cramming for hours at a time may seem like your best option, but you’ll actually learn better if you plan for and take short breaks. Give your mind a break and find another outlet. Talk to a friend, go for a walk, or meditate to take your mind off the upcoming exams.

4) Be Active

Even if you can’t maintain your regular exercise routine, you’ll do yourself a favor by carving out time to go for a jog, hit the rec center, take a yoga class or whatever works for you. It will clear your mind and re-energize your body.

5) Do What Works for You

Got a study system that works for you? Keep at it! Some people prefer studying in a group, while others do better alone. If you like to put on your unicorn onesie and crank your headphones to Russian heavy metal who are we to judge? If you have a system that works for you, keep it going through finals week.

6) Make Time for a Little Bit of Fun

Finals week doesn’t mean that all fun goes out the window! It’s okay to laugh and have fun.

Best of luck! Study hard, do your best and enjoy the break! You deserve it.