The purpose of this project is to get a bacterial count from a picture of a petri dish. In order to do so, we will use the image analysis tools available in the MATLAB software. The images will be obtained from a camera pointed at the petri dish and transferred to Matlab on a computer in order to run the code, analyze the picture and count the colored dots. Serratia Marcescens and E.Coli will be the two main bacteria strains used in our research. Moreover, additional coding will be required to obtain the results that we are looking for with high accuracy and accessibility. Plate counting is one of the pillars of research in microbiology, allowing scientists to compare the concentration of bacteria over time. This information is vital, since traits such as the growth rate in different species of pathogens are key factors in the development of antibiotics.  This process normally involves manual counting of bacterial colonies with the naked eye, which look like colored “dots” on petri dishes, a process that is very time consuming and subject to human error. A successful code and bacterial counter would accelerate the counting process and greatly help research.