• Kyle E. White Building

Please join us for our Capstone Presentations on Tuesday, to celebrate the work of our Religion majors. Snacks will be provided.


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

4:30-6:30pm, KEW 115


4:30-4:50 Julia McDonald. “Native American Blockadia: Enviro-Religious Movements Against Nationwide Pipeline Production.”


4:50-5:10 Tyler Talley. “Devotion or Sacrilege? Body Modification in Religion.”


5:10-5:30 Sierra de la Cruz. “Was Content a Reason for Removing the Apocrypha?”


5:30-5:50 Caleb Brimmage. “Lived Religion: Re-defining a Lifestyle.”


5:50-6:10 Sydney Oropeza. “Pop Culture as Religion: An Analysis of American Popular Culture’s Grasp on Society.”


6:10-6:30 Josh Brennan. “Veil Bans and Secular Society: How Anti-Islamic Sentiment and Violent Misogyny Have Masqueraded as Secular Principles.”