Career Services is excited to invite alumni to help students, as well as one another, explore diverse career options through participation in one or more of six broad career communities:
  • Health  |  Wellness  |  Life Sciences
  • Non-Profit  |  Education  |  Human Services
  • Government  |  Law  |  International Affairs
  • Business | Economics | Finance | Entrepreneurship
  • Arts | Media | Communication | Marketing 
  • Technology | Physical Sciences | Engineering


Through virtual and in-person interactions, community members will be able to leverage the knowledge and expertise of others within the community to gain valuable insights, learn more about the industry and develop a strong professional network.  Alumni will be able to make a difference and give back to current students, as well as gaining more support for their own continued career development. Benefits of community participation include: 
  • Expanded internship, job and fellowship opportunities targeted to communities, leveraging the power of referral
  • Targeted resource materials
  • Special events specifically targeted to each career community, such as “Careers in…” sessions and “Career Connections BBQ” 
  • And, coming soon, an easy-to-use virtual networking and mentoring platform for sharing knowledge, insights and current industry news.
Joining a community does not obligate an individual to any particular actions, and you can change or opt out of communities at any time by contacting Career Services. While tools like LinkedIn are one way to connect with others professionally, the Career Communities model is exclusively for Southwestern and enables more targeted networking with fellow Pirates both individually and in groups.
We hope you will join us!  To learn more and sign up,  please click here.