Allow Me: facing identity, explores the complexities surrounding personal and social identity. This exhibition explores the ways artists investigate challenges of identity through attributes such as gender, sexuality, nationality, race and heritage. Whether through satirical possession of an individual’s culture or a sober examination of cultural stereotypes, generating conversation around an ever changing, fluid concept is not without difficulties. The way we perceive others and ourselves is persuaded by elements outside of our control (i.e. the information we are fed through media, technology, politics etc). This exhibition aims to celebrate the individual, accept the company, and take ownership of all the noise that makes us who we are.

So if you don’t mind… please, allow me.

– Ron Geibel, Curator


Participating artists:

Claudia Alvarez

Michael Ray Charles

Jennifer Ling Datchuk

Mark Errol

Tom Huck

Ann Johnson

Kathy King

Beth Lo

Malcolm Mobutu Smith

Rebecca Morgan

Shalene Valenzuela