Faculty Colleagues,

The academic year 2009-2010 was our maiden voyage in affiliation with the Center for Hellenic Studies.

Our collaborative courses are preceded by course development seminars, held at the CHS in Washington, D. C.. Our fall 2011 offering in Greek was Hellenistic Literature, with the faculty seminar conducted by Prof. Benjamin Acosta-Hughes. Our Latin offering was Literature of the Flavian Period, with the faculty seminar directed by Prof. Cynthia Damon.

Topics slated for the fall semester 2012 are Homeric Literature and Literature of the Medieval period. Course development seminars will be held June 2012, at the Center for Hellenic Studies.

We look forward to this exciting chapter in our professional collaboration, as we work with the Center for Hellenic Studies to explore the gifts of the old world with the evolving technology of the new one.


Miriam Carlisle (Washington and Lee University)
Kenny Morrell (Rhodes College)
Hal Haskell (Southwestern University)