Dear Students,

As today is the first official day of the 2017–2018 academic year at Southwestern, I wanted to write you a short note of welcome. I’m glad to see SU once again alive with energy and excitement, and I look forward to seeing you around and about campus.

I truly hope that all of you, your families and friends are safe from the unprecedented damage caused by Hurricane Harvey. We will be offering special counseling this week as well as identifying fund-raising and goods-raising opportunities should you want to participate in those efforts. You will receive more information shortly from the Office of Student Life.

I also wish to share with you the words I shared with our newest students at matriculation convocation:

By matriculating here today, you agree to enter Southwestern, be an upstanding member of this community, open-mindedly engage with its instruction and discourse, and hold genuine respect and empathy for each other as well as for the diversity of thoughtful ideas. These practices of living are some of the most effective ways to overcome the evils of bigotry, racism, violence, and ignorance—none of which is welcomed here.

This journey of deep and intentional focus on your intellectual and creative growth will, upon graduation, empower you to apply the practices of mind honed here to improve your world as you continue to improve yourself. We all remain a work-in-progress and your Southwestern Experience should allow that life-long pursuit to be more meaningful, joyful, and thought-provoking.

On behalf of the Southwestern University faculty and staff, I wish you a challenging, inspiring, rewarding, and safe year.

Welcome home,
Pres. B.
Edward B. Burger
President and Professor