• William Soller - "Team" - 2017 Graduate
  • William Soller - "Vessel" - 2017 Graduate
  • William Soller - "Blueprints" - 2017 Graduate
  • William Soller - "San" - 2017 Graduate
  • William Soller - "I Can See It, Hear It, Smell It (pg 345)" - 2017 Graduate

Disjointed // Memory // Pieces // Together

This is the most image-saturated age of human history due to our relationship with our current technology, how we share and receive our information, and the speed of that information-sharing. With the ability to view thousands upon thousands of experiences,
ideas, objects, and memories our identities become more and more complex. We can assemble our identity from a seemingly infinite collection of memories.    

My work is about memory, slightly changed and incomplete. I am searching for the variations of mental images, where our memories reside. Objects become totems or keepsakes of important parts in our lives, triggering feelings and invoking specific ideas in each individual.  Every individual, however, is grafting their identities to the same object, perhaps removing that sense of  individualism which they derive from that object. Today’s interconnectivity allows for constant subgrouping while, at the same time, blanketing ideas and identities into generic populations. 

Objects and symbols exist in a colorful world in my work, where they seem to belong yet do not belong. Each viewer forms a fluid and unique narrative from these pieces, yet the narrative itself does not change. Objects become us; they speak back in our memories, disjointing direct narrative. These objects, these memories, are our primary connection to not only ourselves but our communal identity. They connect to the wider, social context of the person through both individualized relationships and through group customs and experiences.