Southwestern operates an Emergency Notification System (ENS) that is used to notify the campus community of significant emergencies. The ENS is used for emergencies only.

The system features rapid notification by e-mail, landline telephone, mobile phone, text messaging and TDD/TTY. In the event of an emergency, you will be contacted through all channels for which you provide information.

All members of the campus community must provide their contact information via Web Advisor which may be accessed through the University portal at

After logging into the Portal, you should see a “Web Advisor” tab. Click on it. Then click on “Employee” or “Faculty”. The next page will contain a menu item “Contact Information.” Click it to access the web form and provide/update your information.

The form is self-explanatory. You may provide up to 3 phone numbers and 1 alternate, non-SU e-mail address. Notification will be sent to your Southwestern e-mail address by default. Please do not include your on-campus telephone number. A separate system is used for notification via on-campus numbers.

If you have questions about the ENS or the form, please contact Anne Hines at or 512-863-1944.

Thank you for your participation in this important safety endeavor.


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