• Noah Bierwirth ’13
“That course was undoubtably my favorite and most impactful class that I took while at Southwestern,” says Bierwirth. “I had no idea that I would find the subject of reproductive endocrinology to be so fascinating. Nor did I expect that I would have a passion for the subject even after graduation.”
As he nears the end of his third year of medical school at UT Health San Antonio, Bierwirth is starting to look into OBGYN residence programs in Texas and around the country. “My goal at this time is to finish my residency and enter a fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility,” Bierworth explains.  “I have no idea if I would be on this path right now if it weren’t for Dr. Cuevas’ class at Southwestern. I credit Dr. Cuevas for teaching the class with such excitement and for making me fall in love with the details.”