The purpose of this project is to create a mobile application for the Southwestern University community and include a feature that will allow students to determine whether or not there is a campus pirate bike within a 200 ft radius. This will be accomplished using a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Bee Chip,  arduino coding, solar reflectors, and a shock-proof and weather resistant casing. The BLE Bee Chip allows for bluetooth devices to locate the chip within a, roughly, 200ft radius. The chip can be locked using a unique code, which will help to organize and identify each individual bike with a chip on it. Once the Ble chip code has been created and uploaded, it will be mounted onto the bike within a shockproof and weatherproof box. This will limit any damage that could be done to the chip and increase its lifespan. To power the chip, it will use a solar reflector on the bike. These solar reflectors have internal batteries, so anytime no power is needed, it can store the charge. The app will also have other useful features: the Mabee Commons menu, articles from the Megaphone, an interactive and subscriber based events board, and a map of campus. To increase the range of users, there will be a version of the code for Android users and a version of the code for iPhone users. This project can marry all of the discussed features into one powerful and useful mobile application for the Southwestern Community to use for many future generations.