• kcf

Through the course of this project, I’ve not only learned how to apply my musical ideas into actions, but I’ve learned more about myself as a musician, and more importantly as the role of producer and composer. I’ve built up confidence I didn’t know I had, and I’ve used all the studio experiences I’ve gained over the past three years, to help me create a session that fulfills a vision that I had been toying with in my head for quite some time. This was something I felt like I wasn’t fully cut out for until the day of my project, and it’s made me realize the full extent of knowledge I’ve been gaining through my journey with music.


By bringing together many different musicians into one session, I was able to piece a together a multitude of ideas. I began to worry less about what others thought about music as a whole, and began to realize this project will speak for itself entirely as something that was created with passion and with vision and in an attempt to move people out of their ordinary musical perceptions. I don’t simply want to open people’s minds, but to broaden them and impact them with something that to me personally, has been impactful. This music has all hit me in a very human and vulnerable place, so in order to get people to understand it, I strove to warp it into something that both the classical and modern world can understand.


 It’s hard to say whether my idea was “successful” so to speak (that’s up to the listener to decide) but the fact that it exists and can be heard by audiences is something I can take pride in. There’s something truly magnificent about being the reason musicians are joined together in one big room to create something bigger than themselves. Yes, I may have put some of the notes on the page, and the sheet music on the stands, but at the end of the day, the magic in the air the day of the session was purely because music is an art that is felt by every generation and every type of personality. It’s something no person can truly only call their own. Music is a huge entity felt by the masses, and we all have our own experiences through it. Only a fraction of my experiences can shine through with this project, but I hope it was enough to make people realize how small the world can actually be. No matter the music, it’s all good for the same soul.