For most college students, interior design means a cork board, butterfly chairs, and a poster held up with unreliable sticky tack. The three students living in these Southwestern University residence halls went above and beyond to decorate their homes away from home. Even if your college days are behind you, these photos will leave you nostalgic for your rambunctious roommates and Easy Mac.

Sophia Woodward
Sophia Woodward, class of 2019, has an eclectic room full of postcards from her worldwide travels, plants, and thrift store finds. Woodward’s room is truly a home away from home consisting of wall art from her grandparents, Monet prints from her dad, and handmade dream catchers.

“Everything here has a story,” Woodward said. “I have memories associated with all of them.”

Madison Hayslette


Madison Hayslette and her roommate Katherine Maraffa, both class of 2019, live in your Pinterest board dream.

“Pinterest, all day and all night” Hayslette said. “You pin until you figure out exactly the look you want.”

Hayslette scoured Pinterest until she found the exact look she wanted for her home away from home. With her wall-size tapestry and comfy pillows, she was able to achieve the “comfy-cute” look she found on Pinterest. She realized she really loved this look when Pinterest notified her that she had “already pinned this pin.”

Abby Wilson


Abby Wilson, class of 2018, used her mother’s interior decorating skills to create her tribal chic digs.

“I found an orange bedspread I really liked, then my mom and I found fabrics that matched to create the curtains and pillows,” Wilson said.

Creating your residence hall room from scratch is a perfect mother-daughter bonding experience. From the handmade pillows and curtains to the hand-painted wall art and monograms, Wilson’s room screams home away from home.