• Commencement 2016
    Photo by Carlos Barron

Going back more than 25 years, Southwestern University Career Services has tracked each graduating class’ “first destination” outcomes with great success. Beginning in 2015, NACE began to shed light on the national picture of these first destinations by publishing aggregated data from schools across the U.S. In addition to outcomes related to continuing education, Southwestern’s data on new grads outpaced the national results in other ways.

NACE’s “First Destinations for the College Class of 2015,” published in August 2016, reflected outcomes knowledge on 63.9 percent of the 381,000 bachelor’s degree graduates in the sample. In contrast, the outcomes knowledge rate for SU’s Class of 2015 was 99 percent.  While Southwestern collects data for two additional months than the national sample, this extremely high knowledge rate is the norm for SU and means the picture of graduates’ outcomes is extremely accurate, rather than having to extrapolate from more limited data.

Versus the national result of 16.1 percent of new grads seeking employment or otherwise not working/continuing their education, only 8.6 percent of grads for whom SU acquired first-destination knowledge in 2015 fell into this category.

Data on employment for SU graduates was similar to that of the national sample, around 65 percent. 

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