Kenny Holley ’71 came to Southwestern to play both baseball and basketball, experiences he said continue to have positive impacts on his life. It’s why he is working to revive the “S” Association, a connection group for all former athletes who lettered while they attended Southwestern University.

“Because of the opportunity to come to SU and play sports, I met my wife [Susan Peace Holley] who is an SU graduate class of ’73,” said Holley, a three-year letterman in baseball and one-year letterman in basketball. “This relationship has lasted 44 years, and we have had an awesome life and raised an awesome family.”

The main goals of the “S” Association are to create a network for current and former athletes and to help build financial support for all of Southwestern’s athletic teams. The “S” Association existed for many years, but shut its doors in the early 1990’s when Southwestern joined NCAA Division III. This was an upsetting time for many SU lettermen, but Holley is slowly bringing the connection group back to life.

“The “S” Association resurfaced back several years ago when we were trying to raise funds for a new baseball clubhouse and for the statue of former Coach Jim Mallon after he passed away,” said Holley.

The group had difficulty raising funds, which brought to light the importance of The “S” Association. With Holley’s persistence, Glada Munt, associate vice president for intercollegiate athletics, gave her blessing and support to reinstate The “S” Association. The official announcement was made at both Homecoming and the Pirate Golf Tournament last year, two events which will be a huge focus for the group this year. Holley says the group plans to help host the tournament and assist in any way to help it grow.

The “S” Association is also working on updating the database of all former SU athletes. Holley said he is passionate about SU sports and the association, so he is working hard to grow member numbers.

“I owe a great deal to Southwestern and the opportunities it gave me, and it continues to enhance my life in a very fulfilling and meaningful way,” said Holley.