Texas Residency Form (Go to Form) 

Priority Deadline: June 22, 2018
Students eligible to receive State of Texas funding, specifically the Texas Equalization Grant (TEG), must meet the state residency requirements. The Texas Residency Form must be submitted before any TEG funds can be released.


Outside Scholarship Declaration Form (Go to Form)

Priority Deadline: June 22, 2018. A supplemental form may be submitted if the student is awarded an outside scholarship after this date.
Federal regulations require that a student notify Southwestern about outside scholarships—that he or she will receive from other groups or organizations—prior to enrolling.


Loan Instructions (Go to Loan Information Page) 

Priority Deadline: June 22, 2018
For directions on how to apply for a Stafford Loan, PLUS Loan, and Private Loans, please visit our Loan Information Page. The counseling and promissory note for the Stafford Loan must be completed before loan funds will be disbursed. 

To decline or reduce the amount on any or all loans, follow the appropriate links below:

Stafford Loan: Stafford Loan Decline/Change Form

PLUS Loan: PLUS Loan Decline/Change Form


Payment Plan (Sign Up Now)

Due: July 20, 2018
The Southwestern University Payment Plan is a convenient, flexible and effective means of financing your education by dividing your tuition bill into more manageable, interest-free installments.