• Carlos Barron

The purpose of our project is to look further into a tested form of wave energy conversion, utilizing a practical, overlooked solution to the shortcoming of the previous system. Several of these wave energy turbine designs are applied in various developed nations with high flowing tidal streams, such as UK and Australia. We are working on optimizing the shrouded wave turbine by allowing the once fixed turbine to now rotate and aligning itself to the predominant ocean current. This project proposes to test our rotational shrouded turbine against a fixed shrouded turbine and a non-shrouded turbine. We seek to determine an efficient method to allow the turbine to align itself to the predominant current which will allow for the ocean current to flow most directly through the turbine. We expect an increase with the electrical energy output and a decrease in relation to the level of stress and shear forces applied to turbine designs. We hope that our research will shed light back on shrouded turbines so that they may begin to be utilized again and be able to be utilized in areas with lower tidal streams.