• Carlos Barron

This project could change the way the young and old interact with the extraterrestrial community we inhabit. The ultimate goal of our team is to bring the majesty of the universe to the general public in a more practical way than ever presented. This will be done by means of a compact, inexpensive, foldable telescope. This idea was partly inspired by foldable microscopes, and like those, this telescope will empower a much larger audience, especially in underdeveloped countries. Part of our project involves researching the optimal material which could be used for such foldable telescopes. We will design the collapsible as well as the eyepiece mechanism that will be most compatible with our goals. This revolutionary academic resource would be a design breakthrough in the scientific realm and to create a foldable, fully functioning telescope out of 3D printed parts is an innovation within itself. This resourceful tool could potentially be used in the everyday classroom to teach about astronomy. The financially convenient design will allow for more students to come into contact with phenomena they have previously never experienced, and it could reveal a new found passion in a subject otherwise foreign.