Describe yourself.
I am a student at heart with more interests than time will ever allow.

What were your extracurricular activities?
In addition to men’s lacrosse, I worked as a student researcher for the Physics Department. I first participated in a SCOPE summer research project with Dr. Rebecca Edwards and Steven Resnik ’14; we studied hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico.

What was your crowning achievement at SU?
Receiving a fellowship from the Department of Energy to fund my studies at Rice University. I am still in awe. There really is a lifetime’s worth of people to thank for this opportunity.

What piece of advice do you have for new students?
Explore any facet of academia that piques your interest, and embrace the struggle when you find yourself out of your element. Every discipline has value; the classes I learned the most in were well beyond my comfort zone.

What will you miss about your time at Southwestern?
I really value the collaborative attitude at Southwestern toward learning and disseminating knowledge. So many students at SU are incredibly passionate about their studies and are willing to share their understanding with others. That contagious enthusiasm not only improves their work and discourse within the context of academics, but it also allows their studies to reach many more people in the SU community.

What are you doing now?
I am pursuing my Ph.D. in materials science and nanoengineering at Rice University.