Describe yourself.
Pensive, compassionate, friendly, truthful

What was your crowning achievement at Southwestern?
Taking part in the first Kinesiology capstone to involve competitive jump roping or guest lecturing about jump rope, and how it changed my life in Coach Don Gregory’s Philosophy of Sport class.  

What surprising thing did you learn as a Southwestern student?
In a sense, I learned how to learn. I have come to understand that true and genuine learning is that which results in effective application; it takes effort and is truly a lifelong process!

What’s one (non-academic) thing you learned at Southwestern?
I came to understand that school is much much more than just a grade received in a class. True and genuine learning results in effective application, and it takes effort! It truly is a lifelong process. In a strange sense, I learned how to learn. Further, I learned that time must be redeemed. I learned, and am still learning, that time is precious and must not be wasted!

How did Southwestern help develop your leadership abilities?
Southwestern is so diverse! I learned how to better communicate and interact with people who are very different than me. I learned that leadership takes true drive and is not for the faint of heart. Most of all, I learned that leadership is a selfless and humbling office.

How did Southwestern prepare you for the future?
At Southwestern I was thrown into a lot of positions I would not have voluntarily put myself in. I think of presenting research to a statewide convention, working a job while taking challenging courses, and most of all…doing my own laundry! I was taught how to take on a challenge and make the best use of my time.

What are you doing now?
I moved to Austin shortly before graduation to be closer to my church. However, I also work in Georgetown at Texas Physical Therapy Specialists as a technician and am applying to Physical Therapy school. I also ride my new bike around Austin and enjoy fellowship on the weekends.