What is your “secret talent”? I can wake up 20 minutes before class, shower and still be in my seat on time. A small campus has its perks!

What made you apply to Southwestern? I I wanted to go to a school where I would be able to have personal relationships with my professors. The small class sizes at Southwestern attracted me because I love to ask questions and actively learn; that is encouraged at Southwestern.

Were your expectations about SU met? My professors were better than I ever expected and the opportunity to work closely in the lab with my research mentor, Rebecca Sheller, associate professor of biology, is something that could be replicated at few other schools.

What surprised you about life at Southwestern? I was surprised by how many academically successful students are also actively involved in Greek life. I found that participating in Greek Life often enhanced my academics. I was able to participated in lively debates and discussions with my brothers about a variety of topics that I wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise.

What non-academic thing did you learn? How to balance my social life with my academic life. I also learned how to accept that sometimes the cards life deals you won’t be the best, but that you can make the best of them and turn them into fuel for success.

How did SU prepare you for the future? In addition to the quality scientific education I received, I believe that the diversity of classes I took shaped me into a more well-rounded and relatable person. I hope this will help me to excel in medical school and beyond.

What was your crowning achievement at Southwestern? Earning my acceptance to The University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio. It’s truly the culmination of all the hard work I put in while at Southwestern.

What connections did you have with your fellow Senior Stories nominees? Nathan Tuttle, Daniel Ayala, and I all lived on Kurth II as first year students.