What made you choose Southwestern? The intimate classroom settings and the care that the professors put into each individual student’s education.

Has your reason for coming here been “confirmed”? Yes. I do not know where I would be if it weren’t for professors like Maria Lowe, professor of sociology, who took me in and guided me through this entire process. She truly went above and beyond her job title to make sure that I had ample opportunities to be successful in my four years here.

What’s one suggestion you have for prospective students? On a joking note, go skinny dipping in the fountain at least once! On a serious note, do not take your education for granted. Value every lecture and paper as an opportunity to grow.

What will you miss most about your time at SU? I will miss the classroom discussions where I leave the room having gained a new perspective and learned a new way to talk about an issue. I will also miss those beautiful April days when I can walk out on my DLC balcony and enjoy the sun. I will also miss walking around campus and waving at familiar faces.

What’s one non-academic thing you’ve learned as an SU student? I gained a fresh sense of independence and learned to slow down. Sometimes there is more value in spending time with loyal friends than there is in being overly involved in too many things.

How did SU foster your leadership abilities? It gave me the opportunity to be a founding member of U CAN 2,  a student-run nonprofit. And, I was able to work on several research teams. I do not think I would have had those opportunities at a larger school.

What connections do you have with your fellow Senior Stories Nominees? Nathan Tuttle was my good friend and fellow researcher.