What extracurricular activities were you involved in at Southwestern? Circle K International, Model UN, Fencing Club, Economics Club and SU Socialists.

What was your crowning achievement at SU? I would say that my crowning achievement was my sophomore year when I was taking 24 and 25 credits and had all As. I think that was pretty satisfying … maybe as much as passing Real Analysis!

What factors led you to apply to Southwestern? My father and godfather had done their undergraduate studies in Texas. During my sophomore year in high school, I did a campus visit and at that moment, I decided to apply to Southwestern. I also read about the University in “Colleges That Change Lives” and really liked the environment and philosophy of the community.

What made you choose Southwestern? I was attracted to the academics in social sciences and also the foreign languages offerings. One of the deciding factors was the financial aid. I am very grateful for the financial assistance of Southwestern. I wanted a life-changing experience and Southwestern delivered on that promise.

What would you say if you were talking to a friend about the campus culture or your fellow students? In my experience, the best bonds I made were with my roommates. Extracurricular activities definitely bring a lot to the culture as well. I highly recommend doing the Destination: Services trips during spring break.

What would you do differently as a Southwestern student if you knew coming in what you know now? I think I gave up some of the overall experience by focusing so much on the academics. I might have liked to get to know a couple people better during my years.

How did Southwestern prepare you for the future? Southwestern allowed me to explore my interests in social sciences and compliment these studies with various other tools such as foreign studies and mathematics. Southwestern enabled me to develop academically and personally.

Did you have a favorite SU faculty or staff member? I have to mention Professor of Economics Dirk Early and Assistant Professor of Political Science Patricia Schiaffini. I appreciate Dr. Early’s help with my research, future plans, and his help as my adviser during my capstone was both highly enriching and extremely fun. Dr. Schiaffini helped me adapt during my first year and exposed me to Chinese, enabling me to spend a semester in Shanghai, China.

What connections do you have with your fellow Senior Stories nominees? Nathan Tuttle and I were suitemates sophomore year. Paige Duggins and I had our First Year Seminar together. Joey Kyle and I spent a week together in the Gila Wilderness on the Destination: Service trip.