How privileged ya’all are to be gathered on this special occasion
One hundred seventy five years warrants a joyful celebration
With an organ concert, chapel service and a legacy lunch
Sculpture exhibition and paideia connections with the whole bunch
Remembering generations going through this great university
From inland and across the ocean with plenty of diversity
Wish I had a flying carpet to carry me to that dear place
With lots of wonderful memories I’ll always embrace
Fraternities and sororities made us wonder and whimper
Belonging to the independent association life was simpler
In no time we found our way and it was easy to roam
On a friendly campus with southern hospitality we felt at home
The changes since the fifties have been amazing
All those majestic buildings deserve our praising
Thanks to those dedicated presidents past and present
Southwestern University will continue its ascent
With best wishes and ya’all have a great day.

Written by Samia Nasir Khoury ’54