• Donald Tetto

Latinos Unidos and Amigas will sponsor the first Latino Heritage Symposium at Southwestern University during the weekend of March 4-5, 2005. The conference addresses the need to understand the complexities and contradictions of the Latina/o identity and thus find constructive ways in which to engage in much needed dialogue within the campus community, in Georgetown and the surrounding Austin areas. Accordingly, given that this is the first event of its kind, Latinos Unidos and Amigas are requesting that you support their endeavor by letting others know about this event. Speakers from UT, Arizona State University, Trinity, Binghamton, TCU, and Austin Community College will be on the program as well as several Southwestern professors. Speakers who have already confirmed their participation in the conference come from areas of expertise such as economics, music, sociology, communication studies, history, philosophy, and literature.


  • Keynote Speaker: Cordelia Candelaria, chair of the Chicana and Chicano studies, Arizona State University
  • Keynote Speaker: Maria Lugones, Department of Comparative Literature and Philosophy at Binghamton University in New York
  • Lorenzo Candelaria, assistant professor of music, University of Texas
  • Gloria Gonzalez-Lopez, assistant professor of sociology, University of Texas
  • Lori Holleran, assistant professor, School of Social Work, University of Texas
  • América Rodriguez, associate professor, Department of Radio, Television and Film, University of Texas
  • Jorge Gonzalez, chair of the Department of Economics, Trinity University
  • Robert Huesca, associate professor of communication, Trinity University
  • Andres Tijerina, associate professor, Austin Community College
  • Daniel Castro, associate professor of history, Southwestern University The following confirmed SU professors will lead informal discussions:
  • Alejandro de Acosta, assistant professor of philosophy
  • Gabriela Diaz de Gallegos, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages
  • Sonia Riquelme, Professor of Modern Languages

All are encouraged not only to attend the diverse lectures and workshops, but also to contribute to this symposium by maintaining an open mind and spirit while discussing difficult issues that affect the Latino community and the rest of society. Please feel free to contact one of the conference coordinators if you have questions or concerns. Conference coordinators include:
Isabel Casas (casasi@southwestern.edu), Class of 2007
Ben Maldonado (maldonab@southwestern.edu), Class of 2007
Iliana Sosa (sosai@southwestern.edu), Class of 2007.

Note: this press release has been updated since it was first posted.


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