Dr. Edward B. Burger, Southwestern University’s 15th president and professor of mathematics, has been elected to the Philosophical Society of Texas. Founded in 1837 by many of the Republic of Texas’ thought leaders and framers of government, the Philosophical Society of Texas’ goal was to unite efforts of the “modern day” philosophers.

Today, the Philosophical Society of Texas honors the memory and spirit of the founding members while continuing to establish research and foster the preservation of literature, scientific discovery, and philosophical studies of Texas. The Society also furthers the preservation of key philosophical documents and other materials related to these fields of learning.

The Philosophical Society of Texas is comprised of 200 members, who by invitation, are elected to serve because their life and character further the purposes for which the Philosophical Society of Texas was established.  The prestigious membership is a lifelong honor. 

Burger said, “I am deeply honored to be associated with the Philosophical Society of Texas’ members who are thoughtful and wise leaders making a difference in our great state and throughout the world. I look forward to engaging with these great individuals as Southwestern University leads a national conversation redefining the purpose of higher education. I am also personally delighted to be a part of such an historic organization—one that was established just three years before Southwestern’s original charter in Texas.”