The students presented their research in the form of poster sessions. They set up displays showing their research efforts and fielded questions from scientists and professors from around the world. These poster sessions also provided students an opportunity to network with chemistry professors from top research universities and gain information about the graduate research opportunities available in their area of interest within the field.

Attending the conference also gave the students the chance to meet colleagues from other parts of the globe and to learn firsthand about some of the chemical research going on around the country and around the world.

The American Chemical Society’s National Meeting is an annual conference. It features presentations by scientists from the chemical industry related to the development of new materials or processes; symposia on the effects of the chemical industry on the environment; academic scientists presenting their basic research and the theoretical implications of their findings; and talks devoted to the most recent developments in scientific instrumentation.

The American Chemical Society has more than 159,000 members and is the largest professional scientific society in the world. The Society was founded in 1876.


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