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Biology involves the study of living organisms and their relationships to their environment. We focus on teaching students how to think critically through thoughtful assignments and projects, hands-on laboratories, field experiences, and a diverse curriculum.


Romi Burks

Professor & Chair



Romi Burks

Professor & Chair


At Southwestern, we seek to connect students with the intricacies, discoveries and trials of the natural world in a diverse, hands-on and engaged fashion.

Our professors focus on undergraduate learning through dynamic classroom teaching as well as independent and collaborative scholarship in their specialty area. Small class sizes allow for close attention, collaboration, and personalized learning experiences.

The Department offers both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree and supports interdisciplinary programs in Animal Behavior and Environment.

In addition, Southwestern offers pre-professional pathways in the areas of pre-medicine, pre-dental or pre-veterinary medicine. These pathways include courses required for admission to these programs, as well as significant resources to help prepare our students for such pursuits.  

No matter which path you choose, the career choices awaiting biology graduates are numerous, ranging from entrance into graduate or professional schools (including dental, medical, medical technology, nursing, optometry, pharmacy and veterinary) to opportunities in commercial industry, government, nonprofit organizations, public health and teaching.


Featured Alumni Stories

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Stephanie Braccini Slade ’02, Distinguished Professional

Humanity benefits greatly from her contributions to the well-being of the animal kingdom. The global perspective Stephanie Braccini Slade ’02 has achieved through her work with primates allows her to see—and share with others—that humans aren’t the only part of humanity; that human and animal lives are connected, influencing and relying on one another.

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Biology News

Elliot Hershberg, Class of 2018 (left), and Sid Pradeep, Class of 2017 (right).

Students Investigate Possible Factors of Endometrial and Breast Cancer Progression

SCOPE participants study how a disruption in cell-to-cell connections could potentially lead to tumor metastasis.

Congratulations SMArTies

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SMArTeams celebrates its 20th semester at Southwestern

SMArTeams, a partnership between Southwestern and the YMCA after school program, celebrated its 20th semester of programming where college students work one-on-one with a 3rd, 4th or 5th grader on a project of inquiry.