• Lynn Eustis
    Lynn Eustis
Sarofim School of Fine Arts is pleased to present Lynn Eustis as a featured artist of the 2018/2019 Music Series.

Dr. Lynn Eustis is a professional soprano who has performed internationally in numerous operas and choral groups. Singing for more than thirty operatic roles, Dr. Eustis’ most impressive performances were as the title roles in Lucia di Lammermoor and The Daughter of the Regiment. Dr. Eustis has also been featured at Carnegie Hall, performing in Mozart’s Vesperae de Dominica in 2010. Aside from professional performance, Dr. Eustis holds the position of Director of Graduate Studies at the University of Boston, and has published three books on vocal technique: The Singer’s Ego: Finding Balance Between Music and Life and Finding Middle Ground; and The Teacher’s Ego: When Singers Become Voice Teachers. 

For more information visit Lynn Eustis’ bio page for Boston College of Fine Arts.


Ticket Prices:

Adults: $12.00

Seniors over 63: $10.00

Free for Southwestern University students, faculty and staff.