• Fluffytales

The Southwestern University Sarofim School of Fine Arts is excited to present our Theatre for Young Audiences production, Fluffytales.

Fluffytales, a play written by the students of Southwestern University’s Creating Theatre in Schools class, tells the story of students who, while looking for paper to line the class pet’s cage, end up destroying the classes’ fairytale anthology. The students are then transported into the world of fairytales where things have gotten a bit mixed-up. As the students work to get the fairytales back to their original state, they learn about collaboration, compromise and creativity.


The event is free and open to the public. The content is ideal for Kindergarten through second grade, and the environment is inclusive for all.


Southwestern University’s Theatre for Young Audiences class was made possible due to a generous gift from Carol and Doug McGaughey in memory of their daughter, Heather McGaughey. Heather received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theater and dance from Southwestern in 2004.

For questions on the performance, class or our donors please email Coreyb@southwestern.edu.

April 21st | 2:00pm
Caldwell-Carvey Foyer