The exhibition consists of work by Southwestern seniors Sarah Kinney, Erika Clugston, and Carmen Gadt, who are candidates for a Bachelor of Fine Arts and/or a Bachelor of Arts.

This exhibit runs from April 7 through April 13 with a reception on April 10.


This joint exhibition will consist of:

 “Pressure Points” by Erika Clugston

“Nostalgia” by Carmen Gadt

“Selfies” by Sarah Loraine Kinney


Erika Clugston creates large portrait paintings in her series Pressure Points.  “Through my work I question the influence of cultural pressures on the construction of identity. Using a grid system, I fit photographic portraits to statistical points, morph them, and paint distorted portraits that express the ways in which individuals are simultaneously created by and perceived through sets of cultural norms and systems.”


Nostalgia, by Carmen Gadt, investigates the relationship between the past and present by interpreting the act of reminiscing about toys, figurines, and other childhood objects. “I make large, brightly colored abstract paintings that revive mid 20th century Abstract Expressionism with a contemporary twist.”


In the past two years, Sarah Loraine Kinney has sent and received over 4,500 selfies taken on Snapchat, a social media app that layers text over an image, which she uses as the subject matter for her paintings.  “My painting series, Selfies, explores the alterations I make to my portrayed identity within different social circles, and examines the complex relationship between imagery and text.”


This event is free and open to the public.