The exhibition consists of work by Southwestern seniors Anne Bannister and Orlando Tijerina, who are candidates for a Bachelor of Fine Arts and/or a Bachelor of Arts.

The exhibit runs from March 24 through March 30, with an opening reception on March 24.


This joint exhibition will consist of:

“Warm of Heart: A Visual Story of Rural Thailand” by Anne Bannister

“Majesty, Morality, Mortality” by Orlando Tijerina


Anne Bannister’s exhibit, “Warm of Heart: A Visual Story of Rural Thailand,” began during her internship with Warm Heart Worldwide. Her photography and mix media installation pieces immerse the viewer in a visual, meaningful story about the opportunities being offered to a deeply impoverished region of northern Thailand. Anne uses photography, video, everyday objects, and edibles to create a multi-sensory experience that directly connects the audience with the subject. For her Art is activism. “This work fosters compassion while addressing the perils of regional poverty and advocating on the behalf of Warm Heart, a grass-roots organization dedicated to developing on-going, sustainable community development.”


The sculpture exhibit, “Majesty, Morality, Mortality” by Orlando Tijerina, is the study of “the relations between different species, including humans, in how we interact with each other; such as symbiotic relationships.” These are portrayed in large figure sculptures made from clay and other mixed media to enhance his work.


This event is free and open to the public.