A hilarious and delightful masterpiece by Moliere.

Tartuffe is a self-righteous, mischievous, religious conman, who wins the confidence of the wealthy but gullible Orgon. When, against the wishes of his wife, Orgon orders his daughter to marry Tartuffe, the comedy unfolds as the household is thrown into turmoil. In spite of all the evidence, Orgon continues to believe that Tartuffe is not a fraud, but a worldly saint, and it’s up to his wife to expose Tartuffe as a charlatan. Will Orgon realize the truth before it’s too late, or will Tartuffe ruin them all?

Tartuffe was a popular hit from its opening in 1664, even though it also ignited controversy due to the implied criticism of religion. Widely recognized as one of Molière’s masterpieces, Tartuffe remains as hilarious and relevant as it was 350 years ago!


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