What Things May Come: The Third International 3D Print Sculpture Exhibition

This exhibit is part of the Brown Symposium XXXVII, which examines the changes that 3D printing will have on human creativity for developing future solutions in the Fine Arts and Sciences.

The exhibit is co-curated by Christian Lavigne and Professor Mary Visser and includes more than 30 works from around the world by expert sculptors in this field. The opening reception will be held during the symposium on Thursday, February 26 with a panel discussion by artists on Friday, February 27, 2015.  

This exhibit will showcase the works of Bruce Beasley, Keith Brown, Jérémie Brunet, Brit Bunkley, Dan Collins, Bathsheba Grossman, Ian Gwilt, Joshua Harker, Paul Higham, James Hutchinson, Christian Lavigne, Charles Morris, Salvatore Musumeci, Mary Neubauer, Rinus Roelofs, Patrick Saint-Jean, Alvin Sher, Robert Michael Smith, Kim Thoman, David Van Ness, Patrick Visentin, Mary Hale Visser, Alexandre Vitkine, Andrew Werby, Laura West, Corinne Whitaker, and Derrick Woodham. For more details on these artists click here.

Mr. Christian Lavigne of Paris, France is the Director and President of Ars Mathematica, an international organization that promotes the encounter of art, science, and technology particularly the research related to digital objects in the electronic arts and the development of 3D and digital sculpture. Professor Mary Visser, Holder of the Herman Brown Chair of Southwestern University and Vice President of Ars Mathmatica will speak on creativity and the contributions of the sculptural pioneers in 3D printing processes. 

Art Exhibition

February 4 - March 4 (1-5pm daily)


Art Gallery Opening Reception and Gallery Talk with Artists

February 26 4:30-6pm (refreshments provided)


The exhibit and reception are free and open to the public.

Images Shown: Coriolis III by Bruce Beasley, Bison by David Van Ness, Blue by Robert Michael Smith, Reflections by Mary Visser