Dr. Nicole Ramsey
Assistant Professor, Mexican American and Latina/o Studies, University of Texas

In this talk, Dr. Ramsey will focus on the intricate dynamics of race and ethnicity within the Belizean community in the U.S., with a specific focus on Los Angeles. Highlighting the experiences and subtleties of Blackness and Black Identity, Dr. Ramsey will examine how the status of Black Belizeans in Central America and Belize shapes their diasporic journey in the United States. Through a nuanced lens, this talk will explore the nuanced process of identity formation, addressing the challenges and varied aspects faced by those at the intersection of multiple racialized geographies. Ultimately the discussion unveils an intricate web of erasure, identity, and belonging within the Belizean and Black Central American diaspora.

Event funding provided by The Global Citizens Fund, Southwestern University

Sponsored by Sociology and Anthropology, Race and Ethnicity Studies, Feminist Studies, and Latin American and Border Studies