Infinite Shapes of Creatures, a multidisciplinary work by Chaski and Psophonia Dance Company weaves together dance and live music inspired by poet Edmund Spenser’s The Faerie Queene.

The poem, The Faerie Queene describes a garden of rebirth, rejuvenation and reinvention where souls appear as flowers -“daily they grow and daily forth are sent into the world to replenish more.” The performance features music by American composer Alan Hovhaness’ The Garden of Adonis. Dancers include Stephanie Beall, Karin Celeste, Vi Dieu, Taylor McAnulty, Tory Pierce, Kristina Prats and Arielle Tesia Rojas. Southwestern University theater professor Kathleen Juhl narrates excerpts of Spenser’s poetry as part of Infinite Shapes of Creatures. The program also includes music and poetry from Tudor England, Paul Éluard’s poem Freedom, and Renaissance for flute and clàrsach by C. J. Darnieder.


Psophonia Dance Company is a non-profit arts organization dedicated to creating and presenting dances that will entertain, intrigue, delight, and educate audiences of all ages. Founded in 1998 by Sophia L. Torres and Sonia Noriega, Psophonia was first commissioned to produce a work for the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and has since become one of Houston’s most promising modern dance companies. Psophonia is known for its ability to engage the audience on a truly unique level, by reexamining and transforming everyday objects; including tires, mattresses, and parachutes, to move the audience from the point of recognition to the point of discovery and infinite possibility. Combining artful, innovative, contemporary dance with a distinctively theatrical twist on the ordinary, Psophonia strives to bring contemporary dance to the forefront.

Chaski is based in Austin and has performed together since 1985. The duo consists of flutist Adrienne Inglis and harpist Shana Norton. They have toured the U.S. Costa Rica, Venezuela, England, and Scotland. Chaski brings to its audiences classical, Celtic, and Latin American folk music featuring all kinds of flutes and harps. They have independently produced five recordings, Chaski (1989), Pacha Mama (1991), El sariri (1995), Unay (2000), and Viracocha (2005), which feature selections from Chaski’s repertoire on flute, sikus (panpipes), quena, flauto traverso, harp, cuatro, guitar, charango, bombo, maracas, and other instruments. Chaski was featured on the soundtrack of the 2006 IMAX film, “Ride Around the World: A Cowboy Adventure.”


This event is free and open to the public.

Chaski and Psophonia Dance Company’s program.


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