• "Have A Seat" by Natalie Aleman
    "Have A Seat" by Natalie Aleman
  • "Pink's Not Dead" by Paige Guerra
    "Pink's Not Dead" by Paige Guerra

This year’s senior exhibition consists of two Southwestern University seniors. The exhibit includes sculptures by Natalie Alemán and paintings by Paige Guerra. Both of these seniors are candidates for a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

Exhibit: Dec. 1-7 Fine Arts Galley 1-5pm daily

Opening Reception: Dec. 4 from 4-6pm

The exhibit and reception are free and open to the public.


This joint exhibition will consist of: 

“The Theory of Negativity” by Natalie Alemán

“Who’s Laughing Now?” by Paige Guerra 

Natalie Alemán’s exhibit, “The Theory of Negativity,” creates a physical embodiment of negativity in large sculptures. “I examine the way negativity affects the objects around us as well as how we interact with them once they have been marked by negativity. Studies have shown that, as much as we may hate to admit it, people have stronger reactions and more resilient memories connected to the negative aspects of our lives as opposed to the positive aspects.” 

The painting exhibit, “Who’s Laughing Now?” by Paige Guerra is a tongue-in-cheek exhibition. “My paintings are an exploration of the intersections of feminism and identity through a humorous lens. Using large and colorful abstractions, I create playful paintings that examine gender roles, female agency, and self identity.”