Study Abroad is for every student at SU!  Find out why and explore Study Abroad/Away options that are available to you at this annual fair!

Why attend the study abroad fair? Because Study Abroad/Away is for every student at SU-that includes you! The Study Abroad Fair is the perfect event to learn how accessible study abroad is and explore SU’s options!

  • Meet with representatives from the different study abroad program providers that offer hundreds of SU-approved programs in over 70 countries. Learn about what they have to offer and ask your questions.
  • Visit with faculty leading study abroad programs in the summer and the SU London Fall semester. Ask them about courses, daily excursions, trips, housing, etc.
  • Learn from representatives and alums about our two domestic Study Away programs in New York City and Washington, D.C.
  • Connect with staff from the SU Office of Study Abroad & International Student services, who can provide you with information and answer your questions!


Is studying abroad really for me? Yes!

  • Study Abroad/Away integrates with SU degree plans, so students stay on track for graduation. Click here for academic credit info.
  • SU Merit Aid, Financial Aid, SU Study Abroad/Away scholarships, and more funding sources apply towards program costs.
  • Most study abroad programs cost half to a third of the cost of studying for a semester at Southwestern.
  • Summer study abroad is a viable option for students with course sequences or athletic schedules during the academic year!
  • Courses, internships, fieldwork, research, and community service are all program options, and there are opportunities to go abroad for a semester, academic year, or a short summer program.
  • Physical and mental health conditions or learning disabilities can be accommodated in most study abroad programs. Visit the Diversity Abroad webpage.
  • Study Abroad by Major Guides, which list department chair-recommended programs, are available for every Major and Minor at SU.
  • You don’t need to speak a foreign language to go abroad. Besides programs based in English-speaking countries, many study abroad programs offer English language options!