“President for a Day” gives a Senior student the opportunity to swap places with President Trombley for one day. In this prestigious role, they will take on the responsibilities of President Trombley on Wednesday, March 29th, 2023. Responsibilities include taking over the SU Instagram, lunch with a trustee, meeting with Senior staff, an interview with the Williamson County Sun, meeting with our Mayor and a member of the Georgetown City Council, and much more.
While a student is serving as president for a day, President Trombley will be taking on your role as a student, including attending classes, going to student organization meetings, and the other responsibilities one has as a student.

“President for a Day” is a great way to expand your knowledge of Southwestern and make a lasting impact. As president, you will receive $200 towards a charity or student initiative of your choice, and a personalized gold name plate and plaque.
The drawing for “President for a Day” will be held in the Bishops Lounge at 5:30PM on March 21st, and will be posted via the @SouthwesternU Instagram.

Enter the lottery at bit.ly/presidentforaday