• 40th Brown Symposium
Attraction: The science and art of sex and romance

The 40th Brown Symposium scheduled in 2022 focuses on attraction, as studied from diverse cultural and scientific perspectives—including sexual selection, evolutionary psychology, social psychology, as well as fashion and art. The symposium is being organized by Fay Guarraci, Department of Psychology, and Ben Pierce, Department of Biology, Southwestern University. The topic of the symposium represents their shared interests in the study of evolution and sexual behavior. The symposium will discuss attraction from the scientific viewpoint of psychologists and biologists as well as from sociological, cultural, and historical perspectives, specifically as attraction relates to fashion, body adornments, and relationships. The symposium will bring to campus five speakers who can address the intersection of the life sciences, the humanities, and the arts.

For the full schedule, together with contributor biographies, please visit southwestern.edu/BrownSymposium.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, seating in the theater will be limited.

Livestream Information:

Watch the 40th Brown Symposium from afar. Tune in at 9 a.m. starting on Wednesday, Feb. 16 to watch the event live.