• SIRA student staff
New students who want to work on or off campus while in college should attend this meeting to learn about how to search for positions, how on-campus employment works with financial aid, and how hiring paperwork works.

Need a job while you’re in school? Learn about resources for finding part-time employment - including on campus.

We’ll talk about job search tools, resumes, work authorization, and payroll forms.

In preparation, you may want to locate work authorization documentation while you’re home, such as your Social Security card, birth certificate, or US passport. Employers will need to see the originals. 

This is your first and best chance to get all the information you need to find a job!

Southwestern University supports learning wherever it takes place. The Center for Career & Professional Development contributes to the Southwestern University Student Life MOSAIC initiative by providing advising, programming and resources to help students develop as a whole person. This event helps you to:

  • Develop 21st Century Skills
  • Construct a Well-Managed Life