The Project for Emerging Dialogues will be hosting Dr. John Baugh as part of their Common Humanity Event Series.

Join the Southwestern Project for Emerging Dialogues for a virtual Q&A with Dr. John Baugh. Dr. Baugh is a professor of anthropology and linguistics, and the director of the African and African American Studies Program at Washington University in St. Louis. His current research focuses on linguistic discrimination, and he has coined the term “linguistic profiling.” His newest book was published in 2018 and is titled Linguistics in Pursuit of Justice.

This programs is the final event in the Common Humanity Series. RSVP is required to attend; you will receive a virtual link following your RSVP. Register here to receive the RingCentral link. 

The Project for Emerging Dialogues at is a student-led initiative aimed at creating spaces that are all-inclusive, prioritizing mindful and difficult political conversations through cultivating the values of honesty, open-mindedness, and empathic listening.