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Dr. D. James Baker, nationally-recognized physicist and practiced oceanographer, will join the Southwestern community virtually for a campus presentation and Q&A. Join us for an hour-long conversation.

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and parents may attend. Click here to register.

D. James BakerDr. D. James Baker
Dr. D. James Baker was the longest serving Administrator of the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (1993-2001).  He has also been President of the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia, President of Joint Oceanographic Institutions, Inc., in Washington, D.C., and Dean of the College of Ocean and Fisheries Science at the University of Washington.  Most recently he was Director of the Global Carbon Measurement Program at the Clinton Foundation.  He was awarded the Vikram Sarabhai Medal for outstanding contributions to space research in developing countries by the international Committee on Space Research and the Indian Space Research Organization and is the author of the book “Planet Earth: The View from Space” published by Harvard University Press.  He holds a B.S. from Stanford University, a Ph.D. from Cornell University, and three honorary degrees.