• Flashback Bingo
Live Streamed Homecoming Event!

Take a trip back in time with Playlist Bingo Flashback Edition! Sing along to your favorite tunes from the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s while playing your favorite virtual bingo game! These throwback songs will give you instant flashbacks!

We will provide a customized Flashback Bingo card with names of music artists, and participants tune-in to a live-stream on Zoom with our professional comedian host. Sing along to your favorite classic tunes while you mark off the artist on your Flashback Bingo card. The first person to line up five in a row wins!

Participants are ready to play with just their phone and a tablet or laptop. Every Flashback Bingo game includes four chances to win and $200 in cash prizes! As soon as the game is over, winners receive their prize money directly to their PayPal accounts.