• Hannah Mitchell, Morpheus, Mixed media, 2021
  • Ciaran Bell, The Ritual Tree, Clay, 2021
  • Vanessa Saldivar, Covid Baby, white clay, apoxie sculpt, acrylic paint, mixed media, 2021.
The Sarofim School of Fine Arts’ Studio Art department is proud to present the B.A. senior exhibitions of Hannah Mitchell, Ciaran Bell, and Vanessa Saldivar in the Sarofim School of Fine Arts Gallery from April 22–28.

The Sarofim Fine Arts Gallery is closed to the public, but is free and open to the Southwestern University community Tuesdays through Fridays 12 - 5 p.m. either by appointment or drop-in.

Virtual gallery talks will take place Thursday, April 22, beginning at 6:00 followed by smaller breakout sessions with individual artists until 7:30 p.m. RSVP below!

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Ciaran Bell’s Hymnal is a story of identity, trauma, and learning to love oneself told through the eyes of monsters. Each monster she creates embodies the spirit of defiance in the face of institutional oppression and human resilience, exploring these themes through mixed-media ceramic sculptures depicting mythical creatures that are both rooted in imagination and social reality. Through these works, Bell tells a tale of growing, becoming, and learning to live with the monsters that shape us.

Hannah Mitchell’s installation Morpheus, aims to explore the abstract relationship between human memory, thought, and experience in its shared relationship with others by manipulating a series of cloud-like forms floating above the viewer,  enhanced by sound and moving images of shared memories.   The artist’s goal is to create spaces that represent the abstract concepts of thought and memory. Morpheus looks to serve as a physical manifestation of the mental scape.

Vanessa Saldivar’s Our Best Friends: The Role of Pets in Communicating Emotion During Quarantine in the Age of COVID-19, concentrates on the relationship between communication and beloved pets during the age of COVID-19. Through this work, she aims to connect with her audience through the moments and emotions shared between people and their pets, exploring how they bring comfort and companionship while helping to transform our houses into homes.

COVID-19 Gallery Protocols

  • No parents can attend the events in line with our no outside visitors policy.  Virtual tours may be offered by the students to allow family members to see the exhibition.
  • A student worker will be on site to monitor the exhibition, and a supervisor will be available if problems emerge. 
  • Visitors will sign in and sign out with the student monitor.
  • Time limit is 30 minutes. 5 visitors are allowed each half hour with guests arriving on the hour and the half hour.
  • Markers will be placed on the floor to aid in distancing and double masking is encouraged.
  • Ventilation in the space is not high quality, so the gallery doors may be kept open to aid in ventilation.