• Self-Care Saturday: Sleep
Are you getting enough sleep?

Join Mosaic to discover how your sleep schedule can affect your everyday life, mood, and even how you study. Learn tips on how to get better, deeper sleep while being mindful of your patterns to achieve a more well-rounded life.

All attendees will receive a sleep eye mask and one lucky attendee will win a diffuser and an essential oil kit. Attend 4 or more Self-Care Saturday programs to be entered into a drawing for a HUGE self-care bundle package.

Space is limited, and RSVP is strongly encouraged. Learn more about Self-Care Saturdays and RSVP here: bit.ly/SUSelfCare.

*Mosaic encourages you to engage mindfully in experiences outside of the classroom, reflect on your experiences, and articulate the meaning of your experiences to others. This event will help you: Construct a Well-Managed Life

Location: Score Quadrangle, the grassy area between Olin and Robertson